crochet cushion buttons bobbles colour

Buttons and bobbles…………..

We like bobbles and vintage buttons, which do we like best, we can’t decide! You choose, should I make the bobbles my little thing on my cushions ( you know like a trademark LOL) or buttons? I don’t know, and now I’ve got to go to work where I shall spend the day pondering this dilemma! What I need is someone to make the decision for me, so people it’s over to you!



3 thoughts on “Buttons and bobbles…………..”

  1. That's a good point, I think they would as they are filled with proper stuffing. My worry was that they might be vulnerable to cat or toddler attack, so far my cats seem totally disinterested and I don't know any toddlers so we shall see LOL!
    Glad you like them though I've a feeling they may be popping up quite often!


  2. You have been busy!! All of your projects look amazing…I really need to get my mojo back. I would love to make a stool cover (not that I have a stool to cover) 😀

    Hope everything is going well in your neck of the wood?



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