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It wasn’t all crochet!

 I did go outside and enjoy the marvellous summer weather too!
This was a lovely hike we took on Bank Holiday Saturday. 
The route, from Baffins in Portsmouth to nearby Emsworth, our target a lovely pub that serves delicious sausage and mash. So nice and early off we go.
First, up the coast path along Langstone Harbour.
That’s Mr T and Heather, striding out.

Looking back down the length of the harbour, as you can see a sparkling day.

Onto Farlington Marshes, a local wildlife reserve where we twitched and spotted some Little Egrets.

The marshes in all their glory.

A dramatic skyline and bit of super zooming, cool!

Mr T and Heather learning all about the wildlife.

You would never guess that this is just feet from the main road (A27). as you drive towards Portsmouth from the east this is the view, lovely isn’t it.

Part of our route took us through the Broadmarsh industrial estate.

And onto Langstone. Wouldn’t you just love to live here.

What no food for us!

Not so sparkling now and we’re starting to get hungry.

Chichester Harbour looking East.
Still hungry.

Walking the shore, note the waterproofs are out now.

Finally Emsworth ahoy!

Arty boat shot!

Hooray we made it, I think Mr T is holding Heather up!

A well earned pint. Delicious.

So with the optimism that only beer can provide and our bellies full of sausage and mash we decide to take the long way home. Down the length of Hayling Island, it won’t be that much further will it!

Off we head onto Hayling, the clouds are building and we have a loooong way to go, right to the horizon!

Another arty super zoom shot.

Made it to the ferry, oh we missed it hmm, coffee in the not so great Ferry Boat Inn. The view’s nice though, that’s looking out at the entrance to Langstone harbour.

An hour later, here it comes!

Do we look a little windblown?

Back through St James Hospital Milton, nearly home now.

Back across Milton Common.

We made it OMG!

Come on let’s have a cuppa.

Do you know how far we walked? 
21 miles
That’s right 
21 miles
Do you know how long it took?
11 Hours
11 Hours
And d’you know what else, we had a fabulous day.
A day we will remember and enjoy for a very long time. A day when we had time to talk and laugh and relax together, a very precious thing.
We can spend hours stressing, shopping, cleaning and being busy. Or we can stop, 
down tools and take the slow road, 
spend time reconnecting with the world and each other 
Something I think we should do it far more frequently.

How are you spending your weekend?
Do something lovely with the people you love.

♥ Sue ♥


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