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Around the allotment

Hello folks hows your week been?
I’ve been busy hooking of course 
but also had time to pop to the allotment and check on our goodies. 
So have a look at these beauties.

A field of leeks. Really they are, alright field is a bit of an exaggeration but that’s a whole packet of seeds growing right there………..we like leeks.

Our tomatoes have finally ripened, it was touch and go for a while. 
They stayed stubbornly green for ages!

Our most successful crop this year, delicious Anya potatoes grown from a bag we bought which sprouted! 

Of course there has to be a pumpkin, since I took this photo it’s grown even bigger.

My fruit beds are coming on really well with plenty of delicious raspberries and a few late strawberries.
I feel a roulade coming on!

Well it’s nearly the weekend and it looks like it’s going t be a good one yipee!
What shall we do?
Bit of gardening, maybe
Bit of hooking, maybe
Bit of picture taking, maybe
Bit of relaxing, definitely!
Hmm that’s looking like a packed weekend
So what will you be doing, let me know I’d love to hear from you.

♥ Sue♥


3 thoughts on “Around the allotment”

  1. Everything you're growing is wonderful! Leek soup is one of my favorites. How I wish we had the space for a veggie patch. Have a lovely rest of your 'busy' weekend 🙂


  2. I have spent the weekend tidying up after people who are well old enough to pick up after themselves! Sometimes it's just easier to do your self…Can you advise me on how you ripened your tom's? Mine are hanging on the plant just being green from one day to the next. My dad says pick them at the end of Sept and wrap them in newspaper. What did you do?


  3. Hi Claire, I know how you feel, at least you know you'll find things if you put hem away yourself!
    As for the tomatoes, we picked them when they were just turning and plopped them in a bowl in the kitchen, which is fairly warm and sunny but that's it, no magic tricks I think just luck! Hope yours ripen and you don't have to resort to green tomato chutney LOL! ♥


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