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Flowers and Birds!

How was your weekend?
 Hmm not quite as hot and sunny as the weather men suggested was it.
To top it all I spent the weekend with a box of tissues doing battle with the 
Anyway, it’s Monday now so I’m feeling well enough to resume normal activities…………..
That’ll be work then!
So I thought I’d share some loveliness with you. 
Not grown by me but just on our next door allotment, 
Lovely dahlias


How pretty they are!
Which is your favourite? 

On another subject. Photographing birds, that’s tricky isn’t it, but look I caught these little fellas at the end of my garden. Lovely little 
Long tailed tits so speedy, real now you see them now you don’t!

Have a good week.
I’m back to my crochet later,
 it got tricky trying to hook and wrestle the tissue box!


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