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Sharing the Shame

I was having a little mooch through blogland yesterday when I came across a lovely post from

 it’s a lovely blog full of delicious crochet and inspirational ideas, but this post was about.


 I thought I’d share the shame.

Not pretty is it


I’m lucky enough to have a space to work in but as you can see it’s far from perfect.
There was a chest of drawers in that space 
but number two son took it for his flat (to be fair it was his).
So all my stuff is piled up in tubs and baskets, that’s not all my stuff, those plastic drawers are full of towels.

Ok the rest is mine.
But d’you know what. I don’t care I love my little room.

she’s fessed up to not having a ‘perfect’ home too.

Isn’t that the point though 


Somewhere to feel comfortable and safe and relaxed,
somewhere we feel able to create and craft, which by it’s very nature is a messy process!
So lets give a big sigh of relief and enjoy the shame.
Real people live like this!

Have a good day



1 thought on “Sharing the Shame”

  1. ah, truth!… I'm sure I get less done because I like my space too organised {might be because of the three little ones too!}… but my mum, who is in the middle of moving house {a very long process} has her craft stuff piled up everywhere. I can't make heads or tails of it, but she is happy, and turns out the most beautiful quilts on a regular basis. Whatever works, I say. x


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