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Seeing some progress

As I sat unpicking yet another project last night and feeling sort of blah about it, I stopped and gave myself a proper talking to.
 After all I’m still a newbie at this crochet lark, I’ve only been doing it for two years! 
So I thought I’d cheer myself up and look at some of my ‘early work’! 
Thought you might like to have a peek too.I can crochet! by Sue Webb ♥
December 2009, some wobbly grannies!

By March 2010 a non wobbly granny and some flowers.
I like making flowers, no wrong.
making flowers!

But then I got adventurous and after mooching around Flickr I found the gorgeous Babette blanket. 
Had to make that!
May till June I toiled away on those gorgeous squares.
it I was
I was a crocheter
I’d made something

Then I discovered the wonderful  Lucy over at Attic 24 of course I 
to make one!

My hook was on fire now! 

So now I’m a crochet freak spending hours with hook in hand. 
And in the two years since I discovered the pure enjoyment of hooking I’ve made many, many lovely things
Here’s a little round up of some of the other lovelies I’ve made.

So I guess a little bit of unpicking is not the end of the world is it.
I’m making progress improving my skills and constantly learning. It’s mainly due to all you lovely folk, who post such inspiring beautiful things, often with fantastic tutorials and patterns, I just have to have a go!
I’m surprised and delighted at how much I’ve improved over that time, I’m looking forward to trying more complex projects!

Anyway back to the unpicked project, it’s already reincarnating.
But I think I shall keep it a surprise.
 For now 
Happy Weekend


6 thoughts on “Seeing some progress”

  1. you've only been at it 2 years? you're MY hooking hero…i think it was that above blanket i first spotted on flickr that got my attention…look at you go Sue!! you've mastered a craft in so little time. xx


  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your bag is awesome Sue!!! How fabulous to add that row of squares and the little bobble and flap closure, I am so impressed. Love it ♥


  3. Thanks Lucy, It all started with your granny flower squares after I'd made them I just had to show them off, the bag seemed the perfect way to do it!
    I'm reeeeeally wanting to have a go at your gorgeous ripple blanket next.


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