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Around the house

Hope you enjoyed a lovely busy crafty weekend, 
I found myself last night sat on my sofa with two crochet projects on my lap!
One just finishing except, ran out of yarn. 
So I just started another one.
 It’s true people I am an addict, I can’t sit down without a hook in my hand!
Anyway onto other things.
This pretty tin heart hangs in my hallway, a gift from my lovely daughter.
D’you see the hearts behind?
Homemade my friends, cut by my own fair hand from an old map I bought from E-bay.
A gift for my Lovely Man.
The hearts are special places we’ve been together.

Downstairs in the kitchen. The noticeboard.
 Everyone needs a noticeboard
Is that another old map Susan I hear you ask,
well yes it is,
Got a little carried away on E-Bay
But I love this
my Lovely Man made the frame.
 In went the map and we just write on the glass with a whiteboard pen!

And my final piece of genius today.
Have you one of those digital photo frames kicking around at home.
Ugly aren’t they.
Not mine!
Lovely man made a frame to cover the frame!!!
That wooden frame just pulls off so you can change the card etc.
I’ve got lots more pictures to put up, disguising the wire even more.
I love the effect.
One minute it’s one picture the next it’s changed!

All of this is only possible with the genius of my
 Lovely Man.
He takes my hairbrained ideas and makes them real.
What a lucky lady I am!
Hope you feel lucky


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