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Get on with it!

Don’t you hate it when this happens.
You have a great idea.
You rummage and decide.
A new scarf
just what I need
and it’s chilly, no worries I’ll have that finished in a jiffy!
not finished yet
but you started that last weekend,
it’s only a scarf
what’s going on!

It’s me, that what’s going on, well two things really.
lack of skill
My scarf was nearly finished when I decided it was just too
I draped it artfully around my neck
only it didn’t drape 
it just kind of stood there
covering my face but not snuggling me!
Problem was I’d used (don’t actually know the proper stitch name) the stitch you use for granny squares.
It looked lovely but really,way too firm!

So after an evening of unpicking.
Hooking unhooking.
Trying a bit of knitty magic
I settled on this combination.
I’m liking this
Just need to get on with it cos I need to wrap up
it’s chilly out there you know!


2 thoughts on “Get on with it!”

  1. Ha Ha! it's me again, just found out what the adjustments were all about! Glad that you were happy with it in the end, the colours are gorgeous and I hope it has snuggled you in many a happy moorland walk by now.
    Val xx


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