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Growing curtains and flowers!

You may notice something a bit strange about my dining room curtains, 
yeh, a bit short. but it’s okay I’ve been growing them!

 I love this fabric
 and have been trawling the internet gathering morsels of it for months.
It’s a vintage M&S fabric so my search led me to some dark and secret internet places.
Eventually I figured I had enough.

I ended up with two pairs of curtains and a bedspread.
Loads of fabric, no problem!
The bedspread was rejected, slightly different fabric (now tucked away for another day).

First job,
it took 

Now the original plan was to buy some contrasting fabric to make a border and heading,
The olive colour is the one that makes everything pop,
can’t get it,
not anywhere.
Came close in B&Q with a nice pleated cushion!
I gave up looking.
Anyway I’ve attached panels to the top and bottom, 
you can see the seam but pattern matching was impossible!
And there is a fading issue also a not gathered issue ( needed that olive fabric for luxurious gathers)
Now they are up I think they look just fine.
I’m happy just to be looking at that gorgeousness when I’m eating my dinner.

To other growing things.
This flower is amazing, well it’s not, it’s just a chrysanthemum
 but it really is!

This flower grew from bouquet that my children gave me for Mother’s Day!
For a start the bouquet lasted for a 
I weeded out the faded blooms gradually until this was one of the last ones left.
It sat looking pretty on my kitchen windowsill and I noticed little spindly roots coming from it.
Planted it up and 
now I have a whole plant!

And guess what this Gerbera came from the same bouquet!
Again it sat on the windowsill until it went to seed
so I stuck them in a pot
hey presto
beautiful new plant!

Isn’t nature wonderful!

I’ve also been growing my crochet skills!
I bought this vintage pattern in a charity shop ages ago.
The wording took a bit of getting used to
 but with only one more row to go I’m delighted how it’s turned out.
Isn’t it pretty!
What did you grow this weekend?


1 thought on “Growing curtains and flowers!”

  1. Well done with the curtains! That's just the sort of thing I would have done. I really enjoyed hearing about someone else unpicking as I thought only I did really thrifty things like that, lol.
    My kitchen curtains are made from 2 different pairs of curtains and one pelmet costing no more that £12 for the lot. Mind you it took me weeks to work out how to make 2 pairs of curtains and 2 pelmets for 2 different sized window and get the right amount of gather in each. Phew!
    You can glimps them in this post,
    One fabric was a blue check and the other blue with white spots and flowers.


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