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I’ve been blogging for a little while now and 
I thought it was about time I introduced you properly to my family.
Let me tell you.
I live in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK
I like it.
I live in a lovely old house which one day we will finish doing up!
I have four children, two step children, three crazy cats 
and an amazing partner.
Would you like to meet them?
Lets start with 
She’s gorgeous, not just to look at,
but as a person.

We love Heather, we love her to visit us, she’s a joy bringer.
(by the way that’s my cardi, tights and boots she’s looking so glamorous in)
Busy always.
 An explorer, travelling the world with her rucksack.
Incredibly hardworking and a wonderful friend.

At 25 she is just finishing a Masters degree in 
Human Rights and working at an ethical magazine.
We miss Heather when she goes.
Next we meet 
We all have one child who doesn’t quite fit the mould, one who makes you worry 
just a little bit more

One who finds out
his own way.
Who takes a different path.
Adam is an amazing person.
he’s a doer, he gets things done, fast.
He’s a bricklayer, and has been since he was 16.
 It’s a hard route and it’s taking a while but he’s finally settled with a good firm who give him regular work.
At 22 things are starting to look very good for Adam.
I’m so pleased , he works so hard. 
He spent his childhood building walls riding bikes (very fast)
getting into scrapes and spills and driving me a little bit crazy!
But he’s one of the kindest, funniest caring people you’ll ever meet.

And here’s Oliver.
He was the birthday boy.
Oliver’s the sensitive one of the bunch.
Oliver is a very relaxed and relaxing person to spend time with.
Time slows down when he’s around. Oliver is just happy to be!
Working hard and studying at the Open University.
Oliver is the one who worries about the others and will do anything for anyone.
Oliver loves his family and routine,
we set our clock by him!
Then we have the baby of the bunch.
The lovely Jacob.
He’s the only one living at home,
nearly 18 and enjoying life to the full!
He’s fun to be around, he makes me laugh,
Everything he does is done with huge enthusiasm.
Life is awesome when you’re Jacob!
He is wonderfully thoughtful, 
I often come home from work to find a cup of tea waiting for me
 or the washing rescued from the rain!
he’s generally known as a 
Lovely Boy!
So there you have them.
That’s my gang!
next time I’ll tell you about my 
Lovely Man


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