When you don’t know when to stop!

How’s your rippling going?
Mine’s going swimmingly!
One of the most joyous projects ever!
I’m loving it so much, just one question, when is it big enough?
At the moment it’s plenty big enough for one, plus cat.
Should I go on and make it a blanket for two?
It just keeps growing! by Sue Webb ♥
Friends I already know the answer 
looking at the loveliness spread over my sofa this morning,
it has to grow.
I think four pattern repeats should do it!
Now just have to deal with those pesky ends!

4 thoughts on “When you don’t know when to stop!”

  1. You can never have too many ripples! Especially not when they're as pretty as these.

    Oh and have you tried weaving in the ends as you go? Simply crochet over them at the start. It's really easy. 🙂


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