Christmas Mayhem

Southsea Sunset by Sue Webb ♥
Oh my what a week! 
It’s been full of rain 
no sunshine 
mad children(school not mine) 
oh and 
birthday preparations again! 
Too busy.
While I’m writing this I’m girding my loins to face a morning of glitter, glue and general mayhem.
 We are having a decorating day at school, I feel we may be being buried under a sea of Christmas decorations!
All accompanied by some gorgeous (I’m being ironic there) carol singing.
I feel a headache coming already LOL!
I will attempt to get some pictures of the craziness that’s if I’m not stuck to the table!
Actually it will be great, d’you know why?
Because we won’t be doing and 
I hate maths
That thought has cheered me up
 I’m off to dig out Christmassy stuff  and get my santa hat!
Hope your Friday is full of fun!

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