birthday, holiday surprise love, weekend walking hiking

I’m back!

And yes, 
I did need my waterproofs!
So where did we end up, 
well it was very exciting travelling without knowing your destination.
We ended up here in the lovely village of 
A place of little thatched cottages.
So pretty.
Let me tell you it was a perfect birthday surprise.
Would you like to see what we got up to.

Saturday morning the view from our bedroom,
 a glimpse of sunshine. 
Quick boots on lets get going.

Quick stroll downhill to Seatown

Fabulous clouds

Lets hike to the top of Golden cap, off we go, bit muddy!

Lovely scenery

We made a new friend, he’s so cute, I love his curly coat.

It’s very, very high.
This is looking east.

And west

That’s us!

Right then down the other side, 
come on Sue keep up.

Tony showing me the way!?!

Loads of toadstools

We think these are called Scarlet Hood

And these might be Verdigris toadstool 

So onward and downward, very gingerly in places let me tell you, 
some of those landslides are very recent, the path was VERY close to the edge!

Down to Charmouth, not a dinosaur in sight, no fish and chips either!
cafe closed in the winter.
Note to self ,take sarnies!
Quick change of plan then.
Bus ride back to Chideock then on to Lyme Regis by car.
 Lovely little town some fantastic buildings

Interesting aren’t they and all three of these were on the promenade!

Very dramatic sunset, 
a glimpse of things to come!

brought us 



Treasure finding
 (I’ll share that later)


We remembered to take our sarnies

Fabulous weekend
Thank you my lovely man.


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