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It’s been a good Wednesday

We don’t do it too early,
what with all those birthdays.
But secret Santa waits for no man and here is my gift.
My recipient is a wonderful lady who always thinks of others before herself.
I was thrilled to pick her out, and knowing her quite well I knew exactly what she would love.

Just a simple
jolly scarf.

Needed a nice fringy thing on the ends.

Lovely Japanese flower pattern. After much searching
 I found this one

I used a lovely soft 4ply yarn
Patons Fairytale dreamtime pure wool.

In soft sweetie pink colours.
Let me tell you.
She was thrilled with her secret Santa gift
and she guessed it was from me. LOL!
There is nothing more lovely than making something for a person you care about and knowing you’ve given them a little bit of love and a little bit of you.
What a lovely day.

Today was also great because,
I sold a cushion!
On Folksy
I sold my first cushion!
Very exciting, 
well I’m excited anyway.

Hope your Wednesday was great.

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