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It’s all festive here!

Hi everyone!
Been busy, feeling a little frazzled, I know.
Don’t worry not long now, you’ll be able to put your feet up in your lovely new slippers.
Watch cheesy Christmas TV whilst sipping a sweet sickly strangely coloured concoction that you wouldn’t touch the rest of the year, but ok since it’s Christmas!
here we have been getting on with things and 
finally I’ve found the time to put up our decorations. 

I’m loving them very much this year

How do you like these little chaps?

And the ‘ice house’

And if you squizz really hard you might be able to make out
 my very shabby chic vintage robin!
Promise I’ll get some better shots of him.

In the hall the pictures have gone on holiday and Christmas has moved into the frames!
The pictures are cards we have received this year and some groovy wrapping paper from B&Q!

Arty shot taken in the mirror.

The lounge is a riot of rainbow colour in honour of my latest creation

And my slight addiction to these wonderful crochet baubles!

Finally I know it’s very late but 
It’s very delicious too!
So not much left to do really and to be honest 
I just want to spend the next few days enjoying myself.
So the agenda is.
Do essential jobs
Have fun
Enjoy being at home with my family
if we haven’t got it now
we probably won’t miss it!
If I don’t get back before the great day
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with love and laughter.


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