New Year!

So where was I?
That’s right ages ago before Christmas.
Where did that two weeks go?
Was your festive season wonderful, mine was full of fun, family and frivolity more of that later i think.
On to 2012
Of course there must be 
Mine are very simple, 
more crochet, well duh!
more exercise, especially on my bike
improve my photography
and be a little bit more organised about the house LOL
that last one is doomed to fail I know cos I say it every year 
and every year we just muddle on through.
Well I must just try harder (smirking as I type).

I leave you for now with a round up of crochet loveliness 2011

Crochet creations 2011 by Sue Webb ♥

It’s been a good year for crochet, 
thanks mainly to the blogosphere and all you wonderful people whose blogs inspire and inform.
Thank you all for showing me the creative path I’d been searching for.
What an amazing journey I’m on.
Bring on 2012
Lets see what happens shall we.


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