crochet granny squares creating butterfly heart love


I spent the weekend faffing around, some of this some of that, 
none of it what I should be doing!
My question is faffing a creative process? 
The dictionary suggests otherwise.
Faffing; to spend your time doing a lot of things which are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing.
Let me see what did I achieve.

One little heart

Some daisy grannies

and a butterfly!
Now all I have  to do is work out what I’m going to do with them.

Actually now I look at the photos I think it was actually a rather creative weekend, 
not wasted after all. 
So faffing.
  I’m going to be more of that in 2012!

Oh and nobody starved and the washing got done………
……. eventually
Have a good week.


5 thoughts on “Faffing!”

  1. You should faff more often if that's the result! I like the phrase 'moodling'… “to engage in periods of blissful inactivity, happy dawdling and pottering that leads to creativity and inspiration.”


  2. Claire I think I shall be taking up moodling sounds right up my street!

    And Connie, your faffing produces wonderful delicate works of art!
    Thanks for your lovely comments ladies have a good weekend, faffing and moodling! ♥


  3. My English friend and I here in Australia have coined the phrase 'faffing' for us most days, to do exactly what the definition says! in fact we are thinking of starting faffers anonymous :0. But its such fun! and beats housework anyday………. natalie (piccaboo on flickr) x


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