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Love my bicycle!

Old bicycle basket decoration

Those flowers I loved them, but as all flowers do they dropped,
mostly as I sped along the seafront with my basket stuffed with Christmas goodies!
Time for a change then.

But what to use.
found in my little box of treasures, you know you’ve got one too I’m sure.
The box where all those little experiments nestle, tucked away……..
Ta dah
New bicycle decoration!

D’you like it?

I love it. 
A few vintage buttons

And some fluffy tassels

And we’re good to go!

Off for some weekend adventures I hope
Have a wonderful weekend yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Love my bicycle!”

  1. I love it Sue- you made me smile this morning, just as I was feeling “blue”!
    I wish you cycled in these parts – like a travelling craft exhibition! Connie, xx


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