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Sunsets and marmalade!

This weekend we managed to get out and about. 
By bike and on foot, enjoying the exhilarating weather.
Camera in hand of course!

Friday took us to Southsea, a lovely walk from our house.

A delicious cuppa at the Coffee Cup along the prom.

Watching the traffic.
Then down to business.

Catching that setting sun.
Our beach has some beautiful grasses and plants growing on it,
throwing myself on the stones I watched the sun set over the Isle of Wight.

Boy it was cold, but stunning!

South Parade pier, looking almost beautiful LOL
A shrine to seventies architecture NOT the most attractive building in the world.

Sunday saw us doing a spot of bird photography,
here we are all set up, waiting
and waiting and waiting.

Bit tricky doing the washing up around the tripod.

Quite like this practise shot of fennel seed heads.
Then how much excitment
A bird!
A Blue Tit
Oh, not a great shot.

Starlings on the flats behind our house.

That was it.
How frustrating.
However, the advantage of setting up in the kitchen is that you pootle around making deliciousness.

Grapefruit marmalade

Not a huge batch I admit but absolutely gorgeous.
And finally a spin along the seafront,
Blimey it was windy

But worth it, it’s always worth it, 
to be outside spinning along on my bike enjoying the fantastic views!
Hope you had a lovely weekend too.


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