Feeling blah but happy!

The trouble with working with small children
 is you are subjected to any number of evil little bugs!
This week I’ve been feeling just blah and not quite right.
 I’m blaming a small person who sneezed right in my face.
Anyway with not much energy for outdoorsy things or housework I’ve been busy with my hook making these happy little flowers.

What do you think?

like a little garden

This one I made up myself!

Some of them were quite tricky

and some turned out a bit bigger than I thought

I particularly like this daisy

I took the patterns from these two books
 which are full of lovely things.

The purpose of all this floral loveliness is to finish this little bag!
It’s one of those projects that just doesn’t flow, you know not quite right somehow.
I was having trouble choosing a fabric from my stash to line it, something which looked lovely with those flowers, couldn’t find
Until as luck would have it I was reorganising my mess and found hiding in the bottom of the drawer this pillowcase

Everything I’d been looking for!
So now I can crack on and get it finished.
Happy Day


5 thoughts on “Feeling blah but happy!”

  1. W'hoo – lovely flowers :0 I like that frothy pink one of the left. Can't wait to see it all finito. You will stop the world in it's tracks cycling around a la crochet accessories. 🙂


  2. ugh!! i know only too well how awful those little bugs are abd can so quickly spread to even we, the teachers!! i do hope you feel better soon!!

    and what do i think of all the gorgeous flowers?? well, i find them truly lovely and can imagine how they will look on the bag. and i also they they must be a wonderful cure of the blahs!



  3. Thank you ladies! sorry Claire the frothy one didn't make the final cut, just too big really. It deserves some special treatment. Must say though flower making is just the most joyful thing to do. ♥


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