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Green pineapple!

 I love Lucy and her beautiful, wonderful tuna tin covers, so pretty. 
I have to make one of course, 
such a great idea.
Not having a tuna tin to play with I reached for my tin of pineapple nestling at the back of my larder, as my hand closed around it a conversation I’d had with my daughter came back to me.

Heather works for an organisation called 
Ethical Consumer.
A proper serious environmental research organisation.

“You shouldn’t buy that mum it’s seriously bad, the people have no rights and suffer terrible health problems caused by the pesticides they use on the crops”

“But I like pineapple Heather” I said

“Read this article then and see what you think” she said

I pushed the tin of pineapple to the back of the larder and went away to read the report.
Very interesting it was too and it did make me think and I did decide that in the future I shall be buying fresh pineapple(fairtrade).
You can read the report yourself if you wish.

Ethical shopping guide to tinned fruit

Now don’t think that I’m saying
do this or do that!
I wouldn’t dream of it. 
We should do what we feel comfortable doing, all I’m saying is it’s nice to be able to make an informed choice, Until I spoke to Heather it hadn’t even occurred to me to question how pineapple is produced.
 When you see stuff in black and white it makes you realise how little we know about the things we consume. How much is hidden by huge production companies. 
Read the articles on Ethical Consumer they are hugely informative!
 For me being informed about where my food comes from is very important. I try to buy fairly traded, higher welfare or organic if 
1. It’s available
2. It’s affordable
3. We like it!
( We’re not prepared to eat food that tastes shite even if it’s saving the planet!)

So read and ponder the merits of this article and let me know what you think.
How important is all this stuff?
Do we really make a difference or are we just soothing our conscience?

I shall still be using Lucy’s wonderful tutorial to cover my tin 
and I shall use and enjoy it for a long time I’m sure.

I like to repurpose, reuse, recycle all the Rs. 
I like to save scraps, cards, paper……….well you know, you all do it too.
I happen to believe that us crafters are actually a pretty environmentally friendly bunch.
So next time someone questions why you’re saving all those tiny scraps of yarn etc.
 Just tell them you are looking after this wonderful world of ours as well as making it a more beautiful place!

Hope I don’t sound all preachy, just it’s something that’s important to me, which I wanted to share with you.
Thanks for reading

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