Circles of confusion!

I’ve had a week of going round in circles. Do you ever do that?
You know, you start something then something else then go back to the first thing then start a new thing!
Even writing it makes me dizzy!
So what’s been going on.
Well do you remember 
this post, I showed you my lovely new bag and the wonderful perfect lining.
not perfect
not perfect at all.
I tried to like it  but it was just wrong. so I tried some other variations.

Pink with blue spots, oh yes gorgeous, made the lining, popped it in.
No not right
Searched  my stash

No luck there either.
In despair I threw the bag down on my ironing board 
 it landed on top of my new bargain from Cath.
Oh that’s gorgeous I thought

Thank you Cath you saved the day.
I can stop going round in many small circles of confusion,
I now know

Made to go together
Now I know I’ve promised a Ta dah before but, it’s really going to happen,
Happy Friday
I’m off, can’t stop I’ve got a bag to line you know!

I will be revealing my bicycle bunting tomorrow, come and see you’re going to love it!


2 thoughts on “Circles of confusion!”

  1. Thanks for popping in Monika, as for my stash, well that collection has been built up over many years, some of it was used to make dresses for my daughter……….she's 25 now!!!! It's a long time LOL. ♥


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