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Retro Birthday and Valentine

It’s been a bit hectic here. 
First we had the retro birthday tea for number three son
Lovely, that’s four adult children I have!
So anyway as requested a retro birthday tea.

It felt very strange buying all this stuff I can tell you. 
So we had.
Iced gems
Jammie Dodgers
Party rings

Rice crispie cakes


Fairy cakes
 (with dodgy decoration)

And a very happy 18 year old!

Moving on.
Valentines day

A bit of cutting

And hanging

A bit of hooking too,
can you spot it?

There it is! 
 A little key fob.
Hope he likes it, 
just waiting till my Valentine comes home!

Hope you’re Valentines day is full of love!


4 thoughts on “Retro Birthday and Valentine”

  1. oh you must feel so accomplished!! three children to adulthood. that is no small feat, indeed. and what a handsome lad (I must say).

    lovely treats and lovely hearts! your house was filled with so much love!!


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