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I’ve been inventing!

Half term holidays and nothing too drastic planned has given me lots of time to play.
And look what I created!
After my slug adventure I wanted to see if I could make a figure, in one piece.
Then in my butterfly mind way I thought, I wonder if I could make a fish tail, turns out if you combine those two things you get yourself a 

I got completely carried away of course.
She has chain stitched scales on her tail,
the hair!
Can’t stop laughing at her hair.

It just kept growing

Of course she had to have a name so I called her
Which apparently means ‘the sea’ in Finnish.
I love her very much and have spent much time leaping about and cackling with glee much to my families despair!
But I don’t care, cos I’ve made a mermaid!

The only down side to all this mermaid invention is,
not one note or scribbling did I make, 
(mainly cos I thought it wouldn’t work, have more faith Susan) 
So now I shall have to attempt a remake with full instructions.
don’t hold your breath it may be some time LOL!
Hope you’ve had a fun and productive week.

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