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Tales of the unexpected!

I thought I’d spend the weekend pottering around.
A bit of gardening, a bit of crochet ( I’m busy writing out my little sailing boat pattern)
maybe a walk by the sea.
Ahhh noooo!

You see we’ve decided to replace our rather ancient carpet with a lovely new floor.
Yeah that’s right. 
So how come your dining room is in uproar? I hear you ask.

Well it’s because of the fireplace.
We didn’t want a hole in the wall anymore.
Let’s block it up we said. Won’t take long.

Good idea, looks good too.

Then there was the archway through to our kitchen. 
Not the most professional piece of work!

So THAT needed some work on it too.
See how the mayhem grew!
But LOOK at that picture rail.
D’you see the bit over the arch, not wood, nooooo, that my friends is plaster!
How clever is my Lovely Man. 
He made a little former and ran a new length.

Of course Howard was very helpful all weekend.
So, lots of dust, lots of mess and no hooking……. 
……..At All, not even a little bit.
Hope your weekend was filled with fun!


1 thought on “Tales of the unexpected!”

  1. I think you overwork that cat :O)) Hope you're seeing the benefits of all the DIY and enjoying your lovely dining room again. Have a great week x


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