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Can I go outside now?

Finally the weather has broken and it’s beginning to feel like 
Do you feel that strong urge to get outside?
I do and when I’m stuck in work all day I kind of get twitchy and slightly crazy.
But walking here by the sea restores my sanity.

This was Wednesday

A fog hung over the common giving everything a haze.

The boats in the harbour were hidden.
But it was lovely.
And then as I headed for home along the path I found the Blackthorn all in bloom.

Just wonderful delicate blossoms

dancing in the hazy sunlight

they are so pretty and full of detail, I love the little stamens!

It was a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of the day.
I always feel restored after a mooch across the common!
Anyway important matters are in hand this weekend.
A Birthday party!
For my Lovely Man
On the menu

And mmmmmmm

All taken from here, such a good book,
 full of delicious recipes and Delia’s fail safe instructions.
I’ve just rediscovered this book after my mum found this one in a charity shop (smells of mothballs, but hey!)
My first copy left with the first Mr Webb if you catch my drift!!!
Anyway moving on, it’s a great book and I’m glad to have it back in my collection!

So busy, busy, will be whizzing around town on my bike collecting ingredients this afternoon. 
If you’re in Portsmouth look out I’ll be going very fast!!
Have a great weekend  I’ll be back with some hooky news and birthday pictures very soon.
♥ Sue♥


3 thoughts on “Can I go outside now?”

  1. weeee!! blossoms already! we are having crazy warm weather here…very unusual for March and I have to say I am loving every single moment of it. 🙂 (I'm very happy I am able to comment here again for a while there blogger would not allow me to for some reason, but persistence has paid off…so going back a bit, I really love your sailboat! happy to see you are creating a pattern for it.)


  2. Thanks Kristin!
    Don't know why you've had trouble commenting, it's the mystery of the blogosphere, but it's very annoying, so thanks for persevering! Still trying to find the time to finish my boat pattern, nearly there now though! ♥


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