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All done!

Just found this post in my drafts, what a muppet! Guess it was a busier week than I realised

Phew, all done now!
This was the scene yesterday morning.

Looks big doesn’t it.

Treacle was NOT pleased.
Where’s my basket gone?

This room hasn’t been empty, properly empty for years!
It’s like moving in all over again.
Anyway, this is how I left it at 9am.
Ready for the big reveal, 


Gorgeous isn’t it

Look at the wonderfulness of it!

So clean and fresh and beautiful!
with the furniture in

Altogether now

Yeah that’s right
Howard’s already at home on his chair.
A great refurbishment, one of our best.
So onward and upward, next project.
The bathroom.
But not just yet. 
Think I shall be sitting and drinking tea for a little while first.
At my table.
In my beautiful dining room.

7 thoughts on “All done!”

  1. No wonder you are so pleased – It's super!
    I've always liked our dining room, but like everywhere, after 50+ years, it's cluttered – could you come and do a makeover please? LOL, Connie.


  2. Wow Sue, what a beautiful room, the original features are so lovely & you guys have just done a wonderful job. really love those doors, I'm so jealous 🙂
    Lots of love Karen x


  3. Hi Sue, nice to meet you here 🙂 what a great before and after adventure ! The more light the better I think and the wooden floor is beautiful. Enjoy it!



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