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Stroll round Portland

Well it’s been a bit of an epic but I’m gradually managing to sort through all the photos of last weekend. There were over 1000! no really, we had three cameras with us. Oliver’s was the swishest , some sort of Canon, very fancy! Not strictly his, on loan from his work. Tony and I have both got Panasonic Lumix, mine FZ45 his FZ150. 
It was truly a photo fest.
Anyhow ENOUGH of this geekery.
Back to the facts.
Such an amazing place.
Saturday up early to walk around the coastal path.This is us at the bottom.
First challenge, climbing the coast path
Let me tell you that is one very steep climb. 
I needed a Fisherman’s friend to help me recover!
But that view is well worth it.

Our guide for the day.
The lovely Heather.

Ably assisted by the equally lovely Oliver.

Our first stop was

Lots of interesting things to explore.

There was an area for students to practise.
I left my mark of course.

Back on the coast path and very high.
We watched this fisherman from the top of the cliff, 
he was just a speck with the naked eye.

And they were amazing cliffs.
So high!
Our guides worked well as a team and knew exactly where we were going all the time.
Hmmm which way now Oliver?

They found Portland Bill Lighthouse.
Just in time for lunch.

After a delicious fish and chip lunch we set off again.
Although it was sunny it was very hazy.

Looks like we’re on the moon doesn’t it.

Oliver on top of the world!
This side of the island is not what you’d call pretty but it’s amazing to see the effects of mans activity on the landscape.
 When you think of all the buildings made of Portland stone the enormity of the quarrying is mind blowing!

Down off the cliffs to a charming little Church Ope Cove, a pretty sheltered. 
Time for some relaxing  and some serious stone tower building.

Crystal clear water.
Absolutely freezing, it huuuurt.

After the beach we walked back across the island, anxious to get back to Chesil for the sunset. So it was back down the hill and home for a cuppa.
Before cameras in hand, coats on and out onto the beach.

Heather caught the sun!

Not the clearest sunset, but lots of fun!
Gorgeous pebbles and lovely light.

Hunger drove us back indoors, a rather delicious curry.

Some wonderful birthday cake, 
made by my Mum

And a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
We finished the evening with a game of pebble poker

We had a gorgeous time so relaxing. 
So lucky to be able to spend time with my wonderful family, such special days and perfect memories always to be treasured!


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  1. I know it's a ridiculous amount but with three of us snapping away they soon added up. Of course loads will suffer the delete button!


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