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I’m very pleased and flattered today.
Why I hear you ask?
Well it’s Jacquie
I’ve inspired her. Wow!
She’s made a little flotilla of boats, 
a bit like mine but with her own special addition, they’re gorgeous aren’t they.

I love that sun Jacquie.

Looks like we’ve made a little fleet LOL!
I don’t think I’ve ever inspired anyone before, oh what a lovely feeling. I’m all tingly and happy inside!
That’s why we love the blogosphere!
So a huge thank you to Jacquie for being inspired.
Also a huge thank you to all of you who inspire me to explore and create and play. 
Everyday finds me looking or reading one of your blogs and thinking, I want to try that or I could do that or oh my goodness I could never do that!!! 
Aren’t we lucky so very lucky to have this amazing world at our fingertips.
I shall be all skippy and jolly as I wend my way to work today.
Happy Thursday

Edited to add: You can find a pattern for my little boat on Ravelry and a little boaty decoration on Folksy


7 thoughts on “Inspiration!”

  1. Hi Sue , thankyou for the lovely things you said about my boats. Yours are so pretty and I love the one with the bunting sailing on the crochet ripple sea :0)
    You are very talented and I agree , one of the nicest things about blogland is inspiring others…we are indeed lucky to be able to share our little creations in this way.
    Jacquie x


  2. I love the bunting on your boat Sue, very sweet. We always tend to undersell ourselves and our crafts, Blogland is the perfect place for sharing ideas and creations and gaining inspiration from others. 🙂


  3. Good morning Sue! Don't you believe it …… YOU DO INSPIRE OTHERS!
    This is my first visit …… come over from Jacquie ….. but it won't be my last, you are now on my blogroll
    My little grandchildren will be sailing away this Christmas in something made with your little gorgeous sail boats :0) Thank YOU!
    Have a lovely hooky weekend …. today is my birthday and the sun is shining :0)
    love Val xx


  4. Hi Sue, I have a much better idea! I have just seen your little shop and wondered if I could buy 3 of your little sail boats …… but would you be prepared for me to send you a cheque and when you have cashed it, to then send me the little boats? I do hope so :0)
    Hope you will show us your Ripple soon? Thank you for visiting me ….. it is nice to visit isn't it?
    Have a lovely inspirational week,
    Val xx


  5. Wow Val that's a whole fleet you're after there! Did you want the ones with the little fish hanging underneath or just three little boats? Happy to do either! Saw your lovely crochet bag, I'm very tempted to have a go at one myself.


  6. Hi Sue, I am glad you left a comment today, as i had missed your answer to my boating extravaganza ….. I was hoping for the fish ones, if you are ok with that. Could you let me know how much to make for my cheque and where to send it to …..
    I am really excited about it :0)
    I do love to visit you a comment above for your “do” :0)
    Thanks so much for my boats.
    Val xx


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