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The Weekend

I love the weekends don’t you, love the relaxed pace and being able to just mooch.
What do you do when you mooch?
Friday afternoon we mooched over the road to 
just 5 minutes from our door.

Don’t you just love the colour of that sky!

Then on Saturday afternoon we mooched on our bikes up the road to the lovely 
We had a lovely time in the 

The clouds were fabulous.

How hard is it to capture birds. 

This cunning heron spotted us and refused to give us a good shot!

What we didn’t manage to capture on film was the herd of cows who came to see us.
One was particularly friendly and spent ages firstly licking it’s nostrils then licking my hand!
Yeh,with plenty of dribble LOL!
There was some hooky fun too, a new garland, full of summer colours, but no photos yet.
And some serious digging down the old allotment, I’ll have to remember to take my camera next time so I can show you the huge amount of strawberries we have!
So today back to work and back to the rain.
Oh Well!
Catch up soon

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