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Long Week

It’s been a long week, a very long week!
I’ve started a new working pattern which means I have NO FREE AFTERNOONS!
This is bad.
No time to whizz around on my bike getting jobs done. 
No, now I have to squeeze it into the evenings and weekends.
I don’t like it!
However enough of the moaning Susan.
I have found time to snap some of the things that have happened this week.
We did have a delightful stroll around the common this week and met our feathered friends.
Here’s our friend rushing over to greet us!!!!!

Up close and personal.
 Bit too up close really, I must confess we did have a little bit of food to entice him.

Unfortunately not everyone got a look in, boy was he cross with that swan, don’t you think his face is hilarious!
Let me tell you there was a lot of quacking and that crazy water running that ducks do!

Made a new and very long garland

Love these flowers and that cotton yarn.

Finally the light was good enough to snap this flower hanging too

D’you like it, I love it, especially the vintage buttons. 
Although I do have trouble parting company with them, each one is so special.

The beads are old too.
 Both are snuggled in my Folksy shop waiting to be re-homed.

And as I was feeling sad about having to work(grumble,grumble) my Mum gave me a bunch of cheery flowers. Lovely MUM!

Also indulged in a bit of yarn therapy,
wait and see.

And today has been a garden day.

Hope you are finding the time to do the things you love with the folk you love.
Off to cook some cakes now!


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