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Long Hot Summer!

Wow this is more like it, going out without a cardi, 
open windows and long evenings outside!
Howard’s loving the sun, here he is looking handsome.

I’ve been busy sorting the garden

And enjoying the blooms

Ooo get me I’ve gone all Chelsea Flower Show!

Terrible photo really, way too bright, but the flower border is filling out nicely.
I’ll soon be able to take the cat defence sticks out!

That Clematis is going to flower very soon

The pond is teeming with newts and those slates on the left side have a lovely trickle of water running over them.

Powered by the sun!

I love my little garden and I’ve been rushing home from work for my lunch to just sit in the sunshine and enjoy all the beauty around me. 
Have a look, hope you enjoy it too!

Don’t they make you feel happy.
Last night we were out till past 9 o’clock visiting the baby swanlings(my word, I think it’s nicer than cygnets!), they’re so lovely

These swans are really great parents having reared a large brood last year too.
Big Daddy can be a teensy tiny bit bad tempered

Especially when faced with a little noisy dog!

Never fear folks, the dog’s on a lead and was taken away immediately.
Mr Swan just made the most of the situation, 
moments later he was back with his babies enjoying the food.

And tonight another glorious sunset, just caught form the loft.

Let’s hope we can finally pack away our Winter woolies and enjoy, 
a long hot summer.
How have you been enjoying the sunshine, anyone been for a dip in the sea yet?
See you soon when I shall be bronzed and sunkissed of course!


3 thoughts on “Long Hot Summer!”

  1. It all looks great! Re your conment on my blog about your peonies – don't throw it – when you peony has finished for this year dig up the tubers and split them as you would an older perennial. You may find doing this will rejuvenate it for blooms next year.


  2. Howard does look very handsome. I am glad you are all enjoying the flowers and the sunshine. I love newts they are fascinating creatures. We have been feeding nesting swans on our local pool and feeding the enormous carp!


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