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Dancing and Digging

Well hi there!
What a glorious day Saturday was, dancing was frankly hilarious, first time out this year and many, many hairy moments and hot……….
…………….so hot.
Winchester was looking beautiful.

This is me taking a break for a spot of lunch in the shade,
i think you’ll agree I really rock that tights and flip flop look!
And yeah that is my costume.

No more photos cos it’s difficult to dance and take pictures LOL!
There are videos but the’re not ready for public consumption just yet.
So after the dancing came the digging.
down on the allotment the peasants are very busy.

Covering the strawberries, or watering Mum…….not sure.

Look at these stunning California poppies, what a wonderful colour they are, we shall be collecting the seeds from these for sure.

Tomatoes, now that’s exciting because last year we were way to late and only got a tiny crop.

Mum’s pigeon proof fence!!!!
We’ll see, I don’t think they are quite that stupid.

Early sugar snaps.

Men at work.

First pickings of the strawberries.

Desperate measures to protect the currants, not pretty but hopefully effective. I’m really pleased with how the currants are coming on and can’t wait to harvest a bumper crop.

Nothing nicer than spending the evening in the warm,
 hands in the soil……..growing.
Hope your gardens are growing beautifully.

Busy week at school, all Jubilee fever and flag waving!
See you soon.


1 thought on “Dancing and Digging”

  1. Great to see a normal working allotment and not a styled 'country living' one that's all pretty but not effective – everyone needs a plastic bag wigwam!!


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