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Out and About

Well we’re back now Chippenham was……….dry!
Also loads of fun, as you can see. 
In case you’re wondering, that’s me on the left with the specs on.

Did you get in the Jubilee mood?
I must admit I’m not big on the Royals but did find myself having a hilarious Royale Family moment with Heather about the lovely frocks!
Speaking of which I do have a Royal connection
Well really Heather does, she met her when the Queen opened her school back in 90s.
Heather is about 13 I think. Her only comment about the day was how small the Queen was!

So apart from that we’ve been just spending the weekend relaxing, I’ve been busy with my crochet hook, I’ll show you later. Tony has been up the scaffold that covers the front of our house, gluing the sandstone bay back together!
We did get out for a nice walk yesterday evening, best part of the day sunny and calm, we walked from Old Portsmouth all along the seafront and back home.
Starting in the Camber.

Fishing boats are wonderful messy, dirty places aren’t they.

And always such a gorgeous colour.

Even when they’re rusty.

Rippling water, just lovely.

All the way along to Eastney beach.

Gorgeous plants cover the beach.

I love the way the horizon is almost invisible, and look how calm the water is.

Some impressive clouds over Bransbury Park

Time to go home and relax. I love these long light evenings don’t you.
Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun whatever the weather.
I’ll be back with a nice hooky post very soon, lots to show you.


2 thoughts on “Out and About”

  1. Gosh what gorgeous photos! A very picturesque place you live in. We have been enjoying the royal celebrations downunder too. Tonight we are watching a delayed coverage of the royal gala concert.


  2. Thanks Catherine, I think it's pretty lots of people would probably disagree, but beauty is in the eye an all that!
    Glad you got to see all the celebrations too.


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