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Here I am sat in my garden enjoying the sunshine listening to the little birds 
and admiring my gardening efforts.
That’s better, week over. Oh it’s been long, so long.
 I’ve had not much time for much really, what with the technical blip and the hideous weather.
But we did have some highlights.
Bit of a Springwatch moment here, I know it’s a crap photo but this buzzard was right above our garden being mobbed by crows, by the time I’d grabbed my camera the other crows had moved away and the birds were much further away! This was so cool to see for two reasons one it’s amazing to see such aggressive behaviour towards such a supreme predator and the other reason as we live in a town not the usual place to see a Buzzard anyway. Brilliant!

Some pretty flowers in the garden have started to bloom, love the colour.
I’m really pleased with how the garden is looking at the moment, a bit of work earlier in the year has really paid off.

Wednesday saw us atop the Round Tower (it’s a rule if someone is going on a journey you must go to the tower whatever the weather to wave) waving my Mum and Dad off on a Norwegian adventure, the pirates were there!

And along came the boat ‘Minerva’
Guess what we looked and looked but couldn’t see them anywhere.
Not a glimpse.

After the waving we hit the allotment for some serious harvesting of 
yummy fruits not bad considering the rain we’ve had.

Speaking of rain look at how it made my waterlily look so gorgeous

and there has been some crochet, more bicycle bunting, now aint that cute, get yerselves a bike and get some bunting love going on, go on it’ll make you smile!

Hope you have a glorious weekend.
Midsummer, HA!
How are you relaxing?
Mmmmm stretching now. 
Must be coffee time best I get myself dressed, maybe a do-nut with that coffee. 
Think I’ll potter after that, maybe a bit of hooking in the garden, yup that sounds very
See you later


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