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Spot the difference

Did you wonder where I was?
I know a whole week with no posts, how did that happen!
Well you know of course sometimes life gets in the way of our blogging pleasure, and this week life has been somewhat hectic.
I’ve had loads of orders to finish and start (not complaining ) on top of that we are plummeting headlong into the END OF TERM which anyone who works in education will tell you is another way of saying chaos!
So many things to pack in, Sports day, transition work, tidying up classrooms. You get the picture.
So it’s no wonder that little slip ups have occurred.
See if you can spot the mistake? 


…………did you find it?
I didn’t till I’d finished the whole side of a cushion cover!
What to do, unpick and start again or just make another side without the mistake?
Dilemmas dilemmas!

Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Spot the difference”

  1. It took me a while but I can see that you have got the “Wrong” side facing on two rows……I think it looks fine and only you will notice it so just carry on :0) The worong side is just as pretty after all……Hope this is the mistake or I will feel bad !
    Jacquie x


  2. Laydiliyke I think the white spot is something underneath on the bench I photographed it!
    Jacquie so sorry to make you feel bad but that's not it LOL!
    I'm not telling you what it is yet I'm quite enjoying the torture. ♥


  3. In the top pic one of your corner clusters in the coral pink has only two stitches instead of three, is that the mistake? If so, I'd leave it, took me ages to spot, most of my things have “features” like that in them , just shows I'm not a machine!
    The fact we're off for hols now also means we have to start back sooner though. Scottish schools have always broken up a couple of weeks before English ones, at least for as long as I've known. Summer's over by mid August here (if it ever starts!)


  4. I couldn't even see it until I read the comments!!
    You'll appreciate how I feel just 2/3 weeks from finishing in teaching and we get the call to say OFSTED are arriving!!
    What luck …


  5. Ha ha ha this is so hilarious cos you're right ladies there is the mistake with the coral cluster having only two stitches. BUT THAT'S STILL NOT IT!!!!! I'm loving this game so much, keep guessing. ♥


  6. I came back to see if I'd spotted it. Most intriguing, trying again… The pale pink round after the dark coral pink round is missing in the first pic?


  7. Yay! I knew you Miss Marple ladies would find it in the end. That's right A MISSING ROUND, most annoying but obviously not that noticeable unless you look really carefully!
    Thanks for playing along ladies, it was fun. ☺


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