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Make your own sun!

Don’t panic, I haven’t floated away just been busy, that’s all.
How time flies, nearly a whole week since I last popped by.
I been immersing myself in these gorgeous colours
……….aren’t they lovely, can’t be sad looking at them can you.
So a little Ta Dah!
A double sided rainbow cushion, an order for a lovely customer.

Rainbow happiness on both sides,
with lovely bobbles as buttons.
Now I’m busy with the matching ripple blanket soon I’m going to be buried under a colour explosion, won’t need to look out of the window at all!
Although it’s not all bad out there, look how lush my garden looks,
everything is growing so well.

And I think I know where the sun is………..
…………………look hiding in my pond, what an amazing colour this lily is,
 look at the yellow, beautiful isn’t it, such an uplifting colour.

I think that’s the best thing to do folks,
 make your own sunshine however you can, surround yourself with brightness and light.
How are you keeping your spirits up in all this greyness?
Do your crafting efforts help to lift your mood on these miserable days?
Lets all cross our fingers and hope that soon the sun will come out.
Lots of love.
Your wellie wearing friend


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