Oh what a night!

Well I ask you what’s a girl to do on a wet Wednesday night.
Yeah, get glammed up and head out for an evening of sparkling wit and repartee with her girlfriends.
A meal out at the local carvery.
Look good don’t we.
Marian Marsh and friends, having fun with makeup. C. 1930s

Oh there’s nothing more uplifting than spending time with your friends.
We talked and laughed and talked and laughed until we couldn’t breath!
I love my friends, always there when things get tricky. 
They have seen me through some difficult times over recent months.
Sometimes it seems an effort to catch up with people, we’re all very busy and time deprived aren’t we. But let me tell you , there is nothing more precious than time with people you love be it family or friends. 

No alcohol needed!
Of course our conservation was highly intellectual.
and we didn’t cackle…….no not at all!
Non the worse for wear by the time we got home!

Interesting Old Photographs

As I fell into bed last night I felt very lucky to have such gorgeous friends to spend time with.
Thanks ladies it was magnificent.
Lots of love


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