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Happy Birthday Mum!

 Here she is
The Birthday Girl 

My Mum always lovely, always there for me.
Lovely Man made her some delicious Chelsea Buns which we hotfooted round on our bikes this morning for coffee! The smell of warm buns wafting out of my bike basket as we rode!

Of course they were fab and Mum was suitably impressed being acknowledged as an EXPERT on all things baked, Dad was pleased cos they were man sized.
Now I know all our Mums are special but mine really is.
She has seen me through many, many life traumas. 
She is brilliant at everything she does (although she’d disagree). 
She worked hard to make our childhoods wonderful. 
I think if I had to have a motto for her it would be.

Why buy when you can make!

Yeah she made everything, including matching Aran sweaters for all of us Dad included, some very gorgeous tank tops from scrap wool! But best of all she made me wonderful dresses and when I was little the most perfect Humpty Dumpty toy, big too! I loved him till he fell apart. ( I was a grown up when this happened………and I cried!)
She taught me how to cook and sew and grow and knit, all those things that make a home.
She’s a fabulous Nanny to my children too, always ready with a food parcel, spare funds or a place to stay.
As a family we are truly blessed to have such a special lady at our heart.
So Happy Birthday Mum
We love you!
Photo taken in 1966 on the Isle of Wight ferry, this is after our day out and she still looks glamorous!
Check out my wrinkly tights, brother Gary in a fetching home knit and brother Michael with his chubby knees! Cute!
I’m a very lucky lady.
Lots of love


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum!”

  1. Aw, she sounds ace! My mum is also a creative inspiration and knitted all our jumpers too 🙂 Those buns look amazing – and I love the old photo – so cute!


  2. She sounds like a lovely lady and a great Mum! Very deserving of those yummy looking Chelsea buns. Yes she does look glamorous in that photo and so relaxed even with young children to look after. Were you about 2 in that photo??


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