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Fabulous Flickr!

Enjoying the sunshine
Have been living outdoors, breakfast, lunch and dinner all eaten al fresco. How bout you? Enjoying the weather, hope so.
I’ve just renewed my Flickr subscription for another year and was surprised to see I’ve been  Flickering for three years. Doesn’t time fly!
If you don’t know about Flickr it’s a wonderful photo sharing website.
So I thought I’d share some of my highlights.
First photo uploaded.
Yay Wally!

My most popular photo!

Most  ‘interesting’ photo!
If you Flickr you’ll know what that means, it’s a mysterious thing!

So why do I like it?
 Well before Flickr I used the internet for a few things like shopping and fact finding. I didn’t realise the whole wonderful world of inspiration that was out there!
Because of Flickr I’ve honed my photography skills and have had a couple used by companies in their advertising!
I love taking photos and love being able to share all those snaps that would otherwise just disappear into my computer files.
It’s the first place I look when I want to find ANYTHING!
Going on holiday, check out the place, want to make something, browse through some brilliant photos, looking for colour schemes, yup check out Flickr
I have some awesome contacts, check out these people, I adore their photostreams
Ken, his bird shots are mesmerising.
Chris, if you make cakes amaze at Chris’s wonderful creations.
Emma, If you blog you’ll know Emma, her crochet is beautiful and makes me want to crochet all day, everyday!
Snowshoe Hare, whose flower shots are just magical!
I could go on forever, all my contacts inspire and delight me. I’ve been encouraged to push the boundaries of my creativity, learn new skills, resurrect old ones and generally have so much fun.
I’ve discovered the world of blogging which is fab and follow some amazing blogs too!
All this began with the desire to share a few snapshots. I always loved to make and create but never seemed to find like minded people to share with. The internet has allowed me to find 
What a journey! The sort of people that if you bumped into would click with immediately and be busy making and doing together. D’you know what else has happened, my Mum who hadn’t picked up a crochet hook for years had a go recently and made a gorgeous cushion cover and another friend has just started spinning again after many years of no spinning. Friends at my work are starting to have a go. It’s brilliant . Inspiration spreads!
So I’m a very happy girl
Thank you if you are a Flickr friend.
 Thank you if you are a blog friend.
 Lets keep sharing the wonderful creativity that is out there!
See you soon


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