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At last a post about CROCHET!

How was your weekend? Hot I hope.
Watch the Olympic opening ceremony, we did, bonkers wasn’t it. I thought it was very clever and different and completely British. And yes our Queen rocks!!!!!
Anyway I’ve been busy with my hook, mainly outdoors, lovely.
So to business.
If you are a bicycle rider you will be familiar with the sticky handle grips problem, 
you know when they wear out YUK!
Mine have worn out. I know I’ll get some new ones I thought to myself, couldn’t find any, well I could but they were BORING!
So I made some, yarn from my stash, cotton acrylic.
Single crochet circles then round and round till they were long enough.
I’d left the old grips on and just rolled the new ones on the top!

Ta Dah!
Cool aren’t they, and so comfy on my hands.

Also been crocheting up a storm with this lovely ripple rainbow. It goes with the cushion I made a few weeks ago. An order for a lovely lady who’s turning her daughters bedroom into a rainbow paradise!

As requested some gorgeous fringing.

All ready to send off.

Hope she likes it

How could she not, a little bit of sunshine to snuggle under!
If I was a little girl I’d love it!!!!
I’ve really enjoyed this project, rippling is a very relaxing pattern to do and the blanket grew quite quickly,  taking just over a month to make, mainly in the evenings so not bad progress.
The yarn is as you’ve probably guessed  Stylecraft special acrylic which hooks up beautifully, has a gorgeous  drape and is so easy to look after which makes it perfect for small children!
Have a few ideas for my next project, need something to take on holiday with me!
Oh my HOLIDAY………….
………..must get organised!
Off to Suffolk at the weekend, right I’m off to write some lists and dig out my suitcase!
See you soon


3 thoughts on “At last a post about CROCHET!”

  1. I am far from being a little girl and I love your blanket too! The tassels look lovely don't they? I've already got a similar blanket but now I think it might be missing something. Very nice.


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