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Holiday fun!

Hello folks, yes I’m back from the East!
Oh what fun we had.
After a long drive from Portsmouth to Aldeburgh it was up early and off out on our bikes to explore.
As you may remember I nearly didn’t have a bike to enjoy I can’t tell you how delighted I was to have it back, especially as Suffolk is a cycling paradise. Anyway I digress, back to our adventures.
Lovely Man suggested we cycle up the coast via the byways and back lanes.
Here we are checking the way. We did alot of ‘checking the way’

Past the Sizewell power station, a strange desolate place but the beach was gorgeous, we just didn’t turn round!
Now I just need to inform you that unbeknownst to me I was in fact been eaten alive by the local mosquitoes at this point. Yeh they don’t tell you that about Suffolk………..mossie heaven. More about them later! 

Still a working beach we watched the fishermen winch their boats up the shingle.

Made it to Walberswick

Obviously needed to take a break
‘check the way’

Our first windmill, very picturesque.

Across the river and on to Southwold

And there it is lovely Southwold with it’s lighthouse tucked in amongst the houses.
Lovely beach with some delightful beach huts which I didn’t photograph cos they were occupied and well didn’t seem right but let me tell you they were charming each one decorated with the most wonderful beach hut style.

The pier was fantastic.
Including this amazing water clock by Tim Hunkin who’s also responsible for the under the pier show which was mad and brilliant!

We were very pleased with our first days exploring………….yup Suffolk looked full of promise

And there were pigs………..happy pigs, grunting and squeaking and rolling in the mud.
We loved the pigs!
So day 1 very marvellous a massive ride of 38 miles!
Aching muscles and the best nights sleep I’d had for a long time!
Now I warn you I have a massive number of photos to share with you all. I’ll do it gently over the next few days. Look out for more ‘checking the way’, cake stops, some more pigs and plenty of fun!
Hope you enjoy them.

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