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Holiday fun………..part 4

After our early morning we decided a gentle day was in order so off to Thorpness we went.
Have you been there? You need to go, it’s amazing.
Built as a holiday village by Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie in1910 in a Tudor style it looks really ancient, but’s not!
A bit like a film set! There’s an air of St Mary Mead about the place, you get my drift!
We liked it.
Hope you like it too.
We did the old fashioned thing and hired a rowing boat, it’s a kind of old fashioned place!

It was very quiet.

Even the ducks were quiet!

Around the lake we rowed found a secluded backwater……….it’s a big lake,
 and enjoyed lunch afloat.
We caught glimpses of The House in the Clouds

How mad is that! You can see it for miles

So of course we took a stroll to get a closer look. Past the very posh Golf Club, let me tell you there were people in jackets and ties in there, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Here it is.
It’s a water tower and the top floor (the house) is actually a games room!
Next door is this gorgeous windmill in the process of being restored.

Just reminds me of a model village, only full size.

This impressive entrance led through to some tennis courts.
Where some very polite teenagers were playing…………in full tennis kit!

We really enjoyed our stroll around Thorpness even though it was a bit surreal!
I though this was a quintessential English scene, roses round the door and an old BSA bicycle.
Strange and wonderful place.
Did you like it?

Leaving Thorpness behind we returned to the real world, did you see that curtain twitch!

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