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Spinning around!

I’m having a rest from holiday photos…………..so blimin many!
And blogger has refused to let me post for some reason( arghhh).
I wanted to write an informative post about my Chelsea bun making session, but NO.
So here are the (very) edited highlights.
As you can see I only just had time to snap them as the locusts descended LOL!
I’ve been much inspired by this and this.

So there you go, I’ll be making these again using  Delia’s brilliant recipe.

Right onto other matters.
I’ve been spinning, yes you heard right,
You may remember back in April my lovely friend Jo brought her wheel and I had a little dabble.
Not good I was rubbish!
So yesterday I spent the day with Jo and she patiently showed me the technique, again and again
But then suddenly it all clicked and I was off fantastic fun.
D’you want to see what I produced?

Top skein, my first spinnings, gorgeous isn’t it LOL.
It’s very, very lumpy but it is spun.
Last night I produced the bottom skein, how did you do that Sue did you refuse to go home?
I hear yo ask.


Jo has lent me her wheel, doesn’t it look lovely sat in my lounge.
I had the most fun in ages spinning away last night and can’t wait to have another go today.
I’m going for the string vest look……..for my Lovely Man!
One day maybe I’ll make something like thisthis and this!
Well a girl can dream can’t she.

Right I’m off to spin and spin but also to get outside in the glorious sunshine, what a beautiful day.
Last weekend of the holiday.
Better make the most of it.
Back soon 
Lots of love

3 thoughts on “Spinning around!”

  1. A photograph of your buns appeared in my Blog Bar and I nearly tripped over myself getting here so fast! They look great but alas not very Weight Watchery! Then to my great delight it turned into a 'Spinning' post! You are 'Spinning'. Doesn't that wheel look right at home there! I know you are going to be spinning some fantastic yarns. xxx


  2. Thanks Lucy, I'm hooked already, there's no food, the washing needs doing and the hoover's covered with dust………..I'M Busy……….spin spin, spin!


  3. I have the same delia book of cakes and it is excellent…

    Glad you have been having bees even though the butterflies have been low in numbers – it's been the same here until the old pear attracted them….

    Blogger won't let me start a new paragraph….sometimes you just have to go with it…….


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