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Random act of kindness!

Just a quick post today, like lots of you lovely people it’s back to work for me, blerghhhh.
So imagine my delight when I dragged myself downstairs to find this assembly in the kitchen.
D’you know what that is? It’s my lovely son, he made our breakfast.
Two cups with teabags ready, frying pan, pot with a plate and water. YAY pancakes!
The book has a little note on it which says ‘breakfast in the fridge’
Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that a big strapping X box playing teenager finds the time to show his love!
And he reminds me that it’s the little things that mean the most.
I shall try to carry out a kindness myself today.
My children make me so proud of them,

I’m one happy mummy.
So filled with love and pancakes I’m off to work.

Hope you all have a good day
Lots of love


3 thoughts on “Random act of kindness!”

  1. What a lovely lovely happy post! A heart-warming smiley story.
    And I have to tell you I made some Chelsea buns and as you said, they were gorgeous. And I must also say how jealous I am of you learning to spin – I'd love to have a go!
    Jane x


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