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Spinning Adventures

Oh Boy!
Tuesday morning and I’m already pooped.
Free flow play all day constant counting of small heads (114 in the year group),
searching for jumpers. “Now tell me which classroom you were in when you took your jumper off? Right, thing is we didn’t go in there!!!!!” You get the idea.
30 children squashed into a tiny classroom trying to organise them with all their stuff.
They had 
lunch boxes
water bottles
They couldn’t even carry it all, bless em!
I came home yesterday and just kind of sat……..
………for quite a long time………got to do it all again today!
And what I really want to be doing is playing on my new
That’s right I bought one, about ten minutes after arriving at the September meeting of  the 
Hampshire Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers
What a fun day, what alot of knowledge packed into that room.

Saturdays meeting was a taster day, loads to try and very busy.

Plenty of spinning going on

We spilled out onto the patio and sat sharing tips and jokes for the whole day.
There I am spinning away after having a masterclass from a lovely lady called Bev ( she’s showing the little girl what to do in the photo below) she taught me so much in only half an hour. Thanks Bev it was wonderful.

Jo and I came away with a car full of wheels and fleece and other bits and bobs.
Honestly we did restrain ourselves………..honestly!

So there you are a new toy to play with, a new pleasure to enjoy, a new journey to adventure on.
I’m so excited!
I’m spinning constantly and my wheel, ha ha yup MY wheel sings so sweetly.

Still producing lumpy yarn….. but d’you know what I don’t care. 
It’s one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done.
Perfect after a day with all those little cuties.

Just one problem.
I left everything all neat and tidy.
Who could have been responsible for this?

It’s alright Miss Marple’s on her way!
Righto off to work, have a great day, thanks for visiting!


3 thoughts on “Spinning Adventures”

  1. Your spinning tales are fun to watch. And you've reminded me of all I'm missing (not!) now I'm out of the rarified environment of school!! Just don't ever hold their hands without washing yours!


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