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Progress Report

Can’t believe it’s Friday already, the week just flew by didn’t it.
Right to business.
My new wheel has been VERY busy this week, humming away way too late of an evening.
But this is what I’ve managed to produce.
What do you think?
This natural fleece is a joy to spin even for a beginner like me and I have to say I am really pleased with what I’ve managed to spin.
Just not sure what to make with it.
Any suggestions for a memento of my first efforts are welcome.
What do you do with the first spinnings you’ve ever made?

Now you may notice there is colour in this ply (yeah I know some technical terms too!!!!)
Guess what, I dyed some fleece with food colouring, if I’d had my wits about me I would have taken photos of the wonderful alchemy that took place in my saucepan, however being a numpty and being waaay too excited I didn’t. But OMG I was gobsmacked when I looked in the pot and saw clear water!
I can’t wait to play with lovely colour combinations, I have all tingly feelings when I think about it.
( I know I’m sick, I have yarn fever!)
Tomorrow I’m going to have another go and this time I shall take some photos, promise.
Has anyone else dyed their yarn, did you think it was magical?

I’m calling this 
Southsea Rock!
So to sum up here is the total skeins I have spun since I started 3 weeks ago!
The difference is amazing and extremely satisfying. 
I do declare I have a new love!!!!
So much so that I’m dreaming about spinning and dyeing and constantly running a little bit late because I’m just having a little spin………………………….

I haven’t just been spinning my latest project is coming along nicely,
a rainbow granny lap blanket.
And very jolly it is too.

So it’s Friday night I have my jim jams on and a nice cuppa to sip,
my blanket will be growing a bit more tonight.
But not much think I need an early night.
Goodnight my friends

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