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Getting There

Well I thought I was feeling better, but no, not really. 
I’ve struggled through the last couple of weeks feeling mainly blerghhhh.
My ears are all blocked and everyone sounds like they are talking to me from inside a tin bucket!
On top of that I’m exhausted and a very unattractive shade of grey!
Should probably taken some time off work but the it’s easier said than done especially when you work with small children, you feel so much like you’re letting them down. At least I’m not alone with my affliction it seems we all have germs of one sort or another at the moment………thanks to the aforementioned small children! The other reason why I couldn’t take time off is the teachers were being observed by the Headteacher this week. Very stressful for all of us and all in all a nasty process.
Over now and both my teachers did well.
Anyway I’ve spent the day snuggled under my lovely ripple blanket and drinking plenty of herbal tea.
My Lovely Man is cooking dinner tonight too!
I am officially resting.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll be full of beans again.
 I have been doing a little bit of this and that, in slow time relaxing things, things that make me feel good inside. 
Like spinning, getting better I think.

Working on my latest bag.
Lining in. Oh check out my new phone.
Not a clue how it works!

Pleased with the zip, although it did take about four attempts to get it in perfectly.
Brain mush not good for sewing.

No brainer crochet blanket, added bonus it keeps me warm while I’m crocheting away.

Oh and a delicious bit of dyeing this morning which finished me off, hence the snuggling under the blanket.

Hope you are avoiding any horrible germs. 
Any home remedy tips gratefully received, I’ve drunk all the whisky!

3 thoughts on “Getting There”

  1. oh Sue – you remind me why Ieft the profession! Sometimes a virus can take weeks to shift can't it? Which is hard at the start of term when the expectation is for you to be going full-steam. Half term in a few weeks…


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