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Well I’ve been delighted with my blog stats this week (sad I know but I do look) mainly due the the lovely Sheila Dixon who mentioned me in her blogosphere round up. Thanks Sheila!
Thanks also to all of you lovely people who read my ramblings and follow my blog. I’m eternally grateful and delighted that you want to be part of my creative journey.
I love being part of yours!

Now by now you’ve noticed I’ve been indulging in some retail therapy myself.
I’ve spun everything in my basket with various results so felt it was time to restock.
After a browse around Forestfibres I settled on some merino tops and some merino and silk.
Ooooo scrummy soft clouds of goodness ready to play with.

Then on Saturday I sent my Lovely Man off to the Hampshire Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild. They were having a sale day with Wingham Wool Works, he had a blast chatting drum carders with the lovely ladies and came back with two new bobbins and some Ashford dyes. 
Yipee! You’re probably wondering why I sent an envoy, well Heather came to visit just for the day and I don’t have anywhere near enough Heather time so we spent Saturday catching up with the rest of the family, eating lardy cake, you know important things like that!

Haven’t had time to play yet but soon, very soon more dyeing will be done!
Now the latest yarn to come off my wheel is this.
Dyed with food colouring, this time directly in the pan, this let the colours merge quite alot.
I was very pleased with the result lovely autumn tones.
And look I managed to spin it really evenly.
 Yay making progress.

Once plyed I have a lovely fat skein, enough to make some fingerless gloves for Heather who pounced on it when she came to visit the other day, she loved the muted tones.

So that’s all on the spinning front.
On the crochet front I’ve finished two projects this weekend. 
One I adore and the other I’m a bit meh about.
If daylight ever returns I shall be able to photograph them and you can have a little look, 
see what you think.
Right I’m off, I’m watching Mary Berry make Creme Caramel. Mmmmmm
See you soon.


4 thoughts on “Goodies!”

  1. Oooh your spun yarn looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with the new fleece. I used to live in Hampshire and really miss the delights of a good lardy cake….mmmmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


  2. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, I know I want to dye it first, just don't know what colour. I love making my own lardy cake too but it scares me when I see the amount of lard you actually have to use!


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