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Finished Projects Yipee!

So last week I talked about my finished crochet projects didn’t I. 
 I had to wait so long for a bright enough day to photograph them, but finally here they are!
And actually I’m very pleased with BOTH of them.
First the bag.
Now this was an ill conceived project from start to finish with no planning at all.
Oh boy it gave me so many problems, not with the actual crochet, that was the easy part, but the lining and finishing proved really tricky. I had real trouble finding a suitable lining material eventually settling on a blue stripe cotton.
 Hmmm it’s ok.
But I’m not feeling the love yet.
Next problem was finding a ribbon for the handles, I spent ages trying to find something suitable.
Again I compromised and used a satin which wasn’t my first choice.
Still not feeling the love.

Finally after a fruitless search of our local shops for a suitable embellishment, I hunted for a LONG time through my button collection.
then something wonderful happened I came across these gorgeous little metal buttons and
 Hey Presto

I’ve added a hand embroidered label, and yup now I think it’s lovely.
If you think it’s lovely to you’ll be able to find it in my Folksy shop very soon!

My next project was a delight from start to finish, bit of a stash buster and something relaxing to keep my fingers out of trouble!

Made from Stylecraft Acrylic yarn which has a beautiful range of colours.
I like this yarn it crochets up really well, not strandy at all and it has a soft finish with a lovely weight to it making it perfect for snuggly blankets.
I finished it off with a pretty edging and another little label!

It’s going to be hard to part with this one but I will be putting it in my shop too.

On the spinning front I’ve used some of my yarn to make a little felted pouch.
But weren’t you going to make some gloves for Heather? 
Ah yes……………………not enough yarn.

I dyed one of my earlier skeins a bit unevenly spun……..
………but it is handmade!!!!!

I used my food colouring and dyed the skein in the pot
purple, pink and a bit of green.

And here they are a cosy pair of fingerless gloves for Heather.
I think she’ll love them, if she doesn’t I’ll keep them cos I think they are great!

It’s funny isn’t it I think I’ve not been doing much lately but when I write about it I realise that actually I’ve done quite alot haven’t I!
I’m on holiday this week so I have a few projects in my mind to start and I’m going to start spinning up my merino stash Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so soft.

When I’m not spinning I shall be continuing on my epic Daisy Blanket.
I’ve been making these granny squares for months now, just as a stress buster, happy little project.
I’ve made over 200 so I’m halfway through.
I worked out that I will need 468 squares to make a blanket big enough for me and Lovely Man to snuggle under.
The gaps are the rows which are complete.

Anyone volunteering to sew in the ends for me LOL!!!!
Oh that was a long post wasn’t it, hope you enjoyed  reading it, it’s lovely to be able to share my crafty adventures with like minded folk like you.
Well the sun is shining here today so I’m off out on my bike to do a few jobs and enjoy the fresh air.
See you soon


8 thoughts on “Finished Projects Yipee!”

  1. Oh Sue you bought it all back to me, the trouble I had with my very similar bag! No way would I sell mine! I am sure your beauty will be snapped up though. Your hook must be smoking! xxx


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